Two Communities Working Together

Build Hope in Central Haiti


Since 1996, the faith community of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Salem, Virginia, has forged a “twinning” relationship with the people of Sacre Coeur Parish in Cabestor, Haiti.

Working together, building schools, feeding children, and developing clean water projects, the two communities have brought hope to one rural area in this long-impoverished, struggling country.

The relationship grew out of a deep respect for each other as brothers and sisters in the body of Christ. Over the years, the people of Salem and Cabestor have learned from one another and have shared both the concerns and the joy resulting from their efforts to improve life in this Haitian community.

It’s made a difference. The people have become very hopeful about their future.

The work continues, including new initiatives for implementing job training programs and initiating plans for improved local health care and community development.

On this site, learn more about how the project has developed, what’s ahead and how you can become involved.

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