Education is the foundation for building dignity in any human community.

Education is the foundation for this rural community’s progress towards improving health, economics, and self-determination.

Education is the foundation of the OLPH Haiti Project:

Education and the building of schools were the first projects that the people of Cabestor asked for.  Sadly, when we began in 1996, this community had no opportunities to obtain an education.

These schools are the foundation from which all the other community projects flow.

Three Primary schools (1st grade-6th grade):

  • Sacre CoeurCabestor, 360 students, 9 teachers
  • St. Joseph’s–Roche-Milat, 250 students, 6 teachers
  • St. Michael’s–Mon-Michel, 350 students, 8 teachers

Hot school lunches are provided each school day. (See: NUTRITION for details).

Secondary School (7th grade-12th grade):

  • College of St. Gabriel–Lascahobas, Haiti, 25-35 students per grade.

Job Training programs: Click here for more information.



  • A child’s lunch ($20/month)
  • Or their education ($35/month)
  • Or both! ($50/month)

Help build up The OLPH Haiti Endowment Fund, which pays the teachers’ salaries.

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