Job Training

 Building People-Power

These are some of the areas of jobs training that the community asked for:

  • Teachers
  • Nursing, Laboratory, and Pharmacy
  • Agricultural Specialists
  • Fish Farming Cooperative
  • Metal Working
  • Carpentry
  • Sewing Apprenticeships

Watch this introductory video, and look for more details below.

Job Training


Candidates will receive three years of teacher’s instruction at The Papaye Normal School in elementary (primary) school education.

$400 sponsors one of these student’s education each year.

Nursing, Laboratory, and Pharmacy:

Two young women are presently attending advanced nursing school to obtain degrees, which will allow us to open a primary health clinic.  We are looking for a third as well.  The cost of these schools is $400 – $1,200 per year to sponsor.

Jocelyne Leon is attending the University of Notre Dame in Hinche, Haiti while studying Medical Biology.  She will return to work in our clinic.

Renè Marie Darline is studying at the School of Health & Nursing in Hinche, Haiti.  She will return to work in our clinic.

Agricultural Specialists:

Two young men will be sent to St Therese School of Agricultural Techniques in Papaye, Haiti.  The cost of these schools is $400 per year to sponsor.

These skills are needed to increase the crop yields and food diversity in this rural valley.  Also, the tree nursery will help reforest the hillsides, hopefully with fruit producing trees.  Recall that these family farms produce most of the food that feeds this community.

$400 sponsors one of these student’s education each year.

Fish Farming Cooperative:

We have been working with Dr. Valentin Abe, an aquacultural expert who runs Carribean Harvest, to distribute Tilapia fish cages throughout the nearby Lake Peligre.

For more information see Caribbean Harvest.

Metal Working:

Metal working is a useful trade in Haiti, which can be used to make metal doors, window, furniture, gates, cook-stoves and other items.

Eddy Joseph is apprenticing at the Christ is my Victory metal working school with plans to open his own shop when her returns.


Although we plan for apprentices in the future, no students have yet been sent.

Sewing Apprenticeships:

We have plans to open a sewing shop, one for women and another for men.  There is a large need for handmade clothing, school uniforms, and needle-work.

Clement Guerda is apprenticing at the Immaculate Conception school of Couture studies.  I would like to open a sewing shop when I return.

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